'Farmers blvd & Liberty ave'

In partnership with For Freedom; 'Farmers blvd & Liberty ave'

"Walked by this rock for years...seen ol’ heads drink rot gut round this rock...seen my barber raheim get killed by jack boys in his barber shop cause he wouldn’t give it up across from this rock...my pops filmed the story of his death for cbs news round this rock...asked my mama the meaning of this ol’ rock...I shot five with cats round this this rock...shot dice round this rock...seen fatherless bloods throw signs round this rock...we braved winters round this rock...we survived summers round this rock...c town selling bad food my mother wouldn’t let me eat right across from this rock..seen people sell rocks to they own people round this rock...conversations with cats that had razors and jums in they gums round this rocks...cried on the inside,smiled on the outside round this rock... kept a ice grill round this rock...couldn’t let them think I was soft round this rock...seen LL cool j shoot videos with boys to men round this rock...papi sold me 99 bananas and goldslager with no Id across from this rock...hung with the keeseville killahs round this rock...street smarts kept bullets out my clothes round this rock...heard illustrious stories of Ronny bump, phat cat and supreme team round this rock...hung at the boom room and stacks gambling spot round this rock...seen black people vote for Obama at the school down the street from this rock...seen the same people not come out and vote for Hilary round this rock...started to think it was a haunted round’ this rock..ghost hang round this rock, so I can’t hang round’ this rock ...thought to myself ain’t no good round’ this rock...I started to hate this rock...took the e & f train to downtown Manhattan to get away from this rock...wondered how they living in Africa while I was living round this rock...no passport then just a bus pass round this rock ...
wondered if I’d make it out Jamaica queens one day and hoped to never see this rock...made it out and I still all saw was this rock...survivors guilt weighs on my mind a thousand times heavier than this rock...so it’s time exhume the all the black souls from this rock...I made a tennis shoe about this ol’ red back and green rock...I seen it all round this rock"

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